Jamie Simic

1st time ever experiencing this and the stag was extremely helpful, thorough, and educated is on how to manage and prevent with our Kids going to school and day care! I highly recommend and worth every penny

Meaghan Fowler-Hightower

10/10 would recommend! If you're suffering from lice, definitely give Kim a call. She's amazing at what she does and works with you to make it less of a stressful time than it already is.

 ·Kristin Dehring Railton 

We loved the option of natural treatment & were amazed at Kim's patience & the time she took! So worth it!

Michelle Felix

I will never spend money on home removal products again. Lice relievers is worth every penny. As someone who has been down the alternate route, making an appointment with Kim saved me not only money, but countless hours and gave me peace of mind. If you have children in school, you can pretty much plan on dealing with lice at some point. I’m so thankful we found her. Thanks Kim!

Shanna Vinzant

We went the week before Christmas to check my 2 stepdaughters who have been battling lice at their mom's house. Kim is so very professional and SO knowledgeable on the whole process and all things lice. I HIGHLY recommend going to see her if you can't get rid of them, don't know what to do, or just for peace of mind!

Marie Seay

I love lice removal I have spent lots of money on the store products and had no success. 
Kim was wonderful and very professional. Her office was very clean. She even had a big screen tv with great movies. Kim educated us on the best way to keep it from coming back. You also got a terffic comb you can't buy at any store. Your treatments included two free follow ups ! I felt very confident with Kim and I highly recommend Kim. I no longer will waste my money at a store her office is comfortable. Kim is a very kind knowlegable. Thank you Kim

Mandy Warren · 

Great service! Very educational and great with my child.